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Collector fired,
probe ongoing

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Weston city collector Lori Cogan was fired at a special board of aldermen meeting on June 26.

The board voted 3 to 1 to terminate the employment of Cogan. The only dissenting vote was from alderman Greg Hoffman.

“It’s not that I disagree with the other aldermen,” said Hoffman. “I wanted to wait until after the audit to find out exactly what happened. It was only about timing.”

All of the aldermen then voted to hire Todd Karlin of Karlin & Company to conduct an audit of the 2007 deposits to bank records and water postings.

The aldermen then hired former city clerk Mary Hayworth to fill in as a part-time temporary worker for $16 per hour.

According to the Weston Police Department, officials at Weston City Hall requested them to ask the Platte County Sheriff’s Department to investigate Lori Cogan. The sheriff's department this week declined to comment on the alleged investigation.


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