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‘High class’ office space
planned at Riverside

by Dave Kinnamon
Landmark reporter

The Riverside Board of Aldermen last Tuesday night listened to preliminary details for the early development plan of a new office park, to be located just east of Red-X.

The project is being pursued by the Briarcliff Development Company.

A 6-0 approval came after a short public hearing regarding the proposed project.

The board held a closed session from 6:30 p.m. – 7:05 p.m. to discuss matters of real estate with city attorney John McClelland.

Briarcliff Development Company has submitted to the city a preliminary proposal, a final proposal, a preliminary plat, a final plat, a land disturbance permit, and a sewer site proposal.

“We would like to submit all six requests as one bundle this evening,” said Brent Miles, Riverside economic developer.

It will be 75,000 square feet of office space east of Red-X. Preliminary grading has already begun.

The proposed buildings have already been built in Kansas City, said Miles.

“They will be replicas in Riverside,” Miles said.

“This will be some of the highest-class office space not only in all of Platte County but in the whole Kansas City area,” Miles said.

The published agenda called for a public hearing on the Briarcliff office project, and the agenda also called for an aldermen vote on the plans.

“We’re asking that this be continued until the first July meeting,” Miles asked.

There will be a detailed staff report and review of the project at the aldermen’s first July meeting, Miles stated.



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