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Sales tax, business license fee proposed

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte City Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night voted to remove the discussion of the Platte Valley Plaza road improvements from the next meeting's agenda, pending the results of the next Transportation Development District, TDD, meeting.

The TDD is considering placing a business license fee on businesses in the Platte Valley Plaza that are not subject to sales tax.

Currently the TDD has the ability to impose a sales tax in the area. A 5/8 cent sales tax is estimated to bring in $760,000 over a 20 year period, with the revenue going to road improvements along Hwy 92 and Kentucky Ave.

The road improvements include placing stoplights at the intersections and building turn lanes along the roads.

According to Platte City Administrator Keith Moody, developer Bill Mann has offered to pay for the original road improvements under the Platte Valley Plaza deal, as well as $500,000 for improvements to Kentucky Ave. Mann then wants to split the projected $760,000 tax revenue with the city.

“Adding a business license fee would double the $760,000 to nearly $1.5 million,” said Moody. “That would be enough to get the improvements finished and then pay back the bonds. We feel the numbers are conservative and could be more depending on development.”

To be able to institute a business license fee, the TDD would have to go to the circuit court and have the wording of their contract changed to allow for the fee.

Even though the discussion will not be on the agenda for the board, the talks between the developer, TDD, and the planning and zoning board will continue. After the next TDD meeting, the issue will be put back on the aldermen agenda.
The developer, Mann, is still required to install the stoplights, however with the tax, the city could build turn lanes at those intersections at the same time reducing the disruption to traffic.

Aldermen also discussed these other agenda items:

•The board discussed purchasing five new benches to be placed along Main Street. The city has budgeted around $2000 for the purchase of the benches. The city administrator is now going to look into which type of bench would be best to purchase.

•New alderman Marsha Clark was officially sworn in. She was recently appointed to replace Bill Knighton, who resigned. Also, alderman Aaron Jung was appointed to the personnel committee by the mayor.

•The board adopted the original Mission, Vision, and Goals for Platte City, which will now be completed by the departments of the city. The department heads will decide on objectives and time lines to complete the objectives, such as improving communication with the public.




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