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Park board wants clarity
Bill Burnett to resign post

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte City Parks and Recreation Board Monday night refused to sign the Platte Ridge Park Termination Agreement, citing a need for clarification of parts of the pact.

The board is worried about the wording on the second section of the Termination Agreement, about the maintenance of the lights at Platte Ridge Park.

“I want absolute clarity in the agreement,” said Joe Searcy, Platte City Parks Board and Recreation member. “We need the language clarified in this agreement about the lights. I don’t want to be taken advantage of later.”

Some board members were worried that the agreement would require Platte City to maintain the lights at Platte Ridge Park and pay for any maintenance problems that would arise in the future.

As of the end of the day on Tuesday, the county had not been contacted with the questions from the board.

“I have not talked to anyone about the agreement yet,” said Brian Nowotny, Platte County Parks and Recreation Director. “They had several weeks to look over the agreement and no questions have been posed to me.”

Board members also stated that there was still Platte City-owned equipment at Platte Ridge, even though the equipment was supposed to be removed by June 1.

“There is still equipment at Platte Ridge Park,” said Jerry Keuhn, Platte City Parks and Recreation Board member. “We have to get that equipment off there as soon as possible.”

“We’ll need to weedeat to find some of the equipment,” said Jason Tinder, Platte City Parks and Recreation Board member.

After the board voted to table the issue until the questions could be answered, Bill Burnett, president of the Platte City Parks and Recreation Board, stated the following:

“We put a lot of money and time into this and it’s sad to walk away from it. We done the best we could, we fell down, and now it’s time to brush ourselves off and move on. We want to get out of this gracefully.”

Burnett stated he will be moving outside of the Platte City limits on July 15, and will no longer be eligible for the parks and recreation board.

“I got to give up the post,” said Burnett. “It’s sad to have to resign now, but I’ll still be involved and be behind the scenes.”

There are currently six members on the board out of a total of nine available seats. After Burnett leaves there will be five members and a new president will need to be elected by the board.

According to Keith Moody, the board will still be functioning because it has a simple majority with five members.

“The mayor is working on making recommendations for the parks board to the board of aldermen,” said Moody. “The aldermen would then have to confirm the appointments.”