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Clark appointed alderman


by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Platte City Board of Aldermen approved the mayor’s appointment of Marsha Clark to fill the unexpired term in Ward 1.

The seat became open upon the recent resignation of Bill Knighton.

Clark currently serves on the Platte City Parks and Rec Board and will have to vacate that position to serve on the board of aldermen.

Todd Sloan questioned whether this would hurt the parks board, since there are already two open seats and Clark’s would make three on a board with nine members.

However, the question was resolved after Keith Moody, city administrator, stated the parks board would still be able to function because a simple majority of the seats will remain filled.

Clark also addressed the issue of her attendance record on the parks board. In 2004, a report by The Landmark showed Clark had been absent from more than 50% of park board meetings in the preceding year.

Clark stated: “I only missed meetings during the first year because I was trying to balance the meeting times to my work schedule. I have even attended most of the special meetings for the past two to three years.

“I will be able to attend aldermen meetings,” said Clark, “even the special meetings, as long as I am told about them in advance.”

Recent tension between the mayor Dave Brooks and aldermen showed again when it came time to approve the appointment of Clark to fill the seat. A long period of silence passed before a motion was made by Kenneth Brown to bring the issue to a vote.

The board approved the measure by a vote of three “yes” to one “no” with Andy Stanton abstaining from the vote. The one “no” vote came from Sloan.