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Road closure notices


The following roads in Platte County are closed as of 5/9/07 @8:00 p.m. due to high water:


Interurban Rd. (near Platte River)
Sharp’s Station Rd. (at Interurban)
Humphrey’s Rd. (at Platte River)
Platte River Rd. (in Farley, MO)
Sexton Rd. 100’ (east of Bee Creek Blvd. intersection)
Woodruff Rd. (1mile west of 371 Hwy)
Algiers Rd. (Mellon Bridge Rd. to 1 mile north)
Elm Grove Rd. (southernmost end)
Mellon Bridge Rd. (East end)
Bee Creek Blvd. (100’ South of Sexton Rd. intersection)
Woolston Rd. (West end – in river bottoms)
Edgerton Jct Rd. (between DD and Buena Vista)
Union Mill Rd. (North of Edgerton)
Dicks Creek Rd. (intersection of E Hwy)
Cockriel Rd. (near Dick’s Creek Rd.)
City of Tracy (Open to residents only)


HH Hwy. (2 miles east of Platte City)
92 Hwy (Platte City to Beverly)
45 Hwy (at Platte River)
E Hwy (between Camden Point and Ridgely)
B Hwy (2 miles north of 92 Hwy100’ South of Sexton Rd. intersection)
KK Hwy (near B Hwy)
Z Hwy (at Platte River)

The Department of Public Works and MoDOT are monitoring the Platte River at I-29. Most rural roads west of 45 Hwy from Weston to the county line are impassable.

We have plotted these locations graphically to look at alternate routes. At this time we don’t believe that any residents have been isolated. Residents should contact MoDOT or a City directly to identify which of their roads that have been closed.

Public Works is continually monitoring the rising water levels and damage caused by the water. Our entire maintenance crew is on call for emergencies. Please contact either the Sherriff or the Public Works department with information regarding any other unidentified problems associated with the floodwaters.

Drivers should not enter water on roads! Moving water is extremely dangerous and still water can be deceivingly deep.

—Greg Sager,county highway administrator