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Classic molvie theatre planned in Parkville


by Stacy Wiedmaier
Landmark reporter

A new classic movie theatre may soon be gracing the Parkville skyline if businessman Tom Hutsler’s dream comes true.

The English Landing development center located across the railroad tracks in downtown Parkville already houses office space and retail shops such as restaurants, antique shops and banquet facilities. But Hutsler said he and a partner are planning to expand.

“We’re planning to put in a two-screen movie theatre, retail space, and offices on the west end of English Landing,” said Hutsler. “We want to show classic films like ‘Ben Hur’ and ‘Gone With The Wind’ as well as fine art films that are limited releases.”

Hutsler said his current business partner, Wade Williams, has experience in renovating old movie theatre establishments. Nearby theatres he has worked on include The Granada, The Rio, and Englewood. Hutsler said he and Williams started discussing building a fine arts theatre years ago.

“We both believe it will be a good location and compliment downtown Parkville and the university setting,” said Hutsler. “Wade (Williams) bought the rights to several old movies and he’s an expert in running these types of facilities.”

Each theatre will accommodate 100 people and offer the usual selection of concession stand snack items. Hutsler said he and Williams are currently deciding whether to use a 1930’s or 1950’s theme for the interior where they hope to include chandeliers and authentic furnishings.

He said they have not submitted any specific architectural plans to the planning and zoning commission, but once potential plans are approved, they are ready to break ground.

“We hope to have this theatre designed, approved and built within the next 18 months,” Hutsler said.

“We have already chosen a potential name too, The Park Theatre.”