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How much do city officials get paid?


by Stacy Wiedmaier
Landmark reporter

Tuesday evening's changing of the guard in Platte City’s City Hall switched up three elected seats and new faces officially made their debut.

Salaries of the city's elected officials may be paid for by your tax dollars, but the public actually has no direct say in the amount awarded to each person. The board of aldermen set both the mayor's salary and their own. Per the state constitution, no elected official can accept a pay raise in their salary during the middle of their term.

When your elected officials open their mailbox once a month and pull out their paycheck, how many greenbacks do they get for public service?

Mayor Dave Brooks, serving in his third term, receives $778 in salary. This equals to $9,336 per year. He is awarded no vehicle allowance but his travel expenses are paid for if they revolve around the city’s functions, such as when he attends the Missouri Municipal League conference, held annually. Brooks' vehicle mileage is compensated for city functions and he receives up to $30 per day for meals during necessary business trips.

The six elected aldermen each receive $291 per month, or $3,492 per year. They are not awarded vehicle privileges or health benefits. They are also reimbursed like the mayor for their travel expenses and vehicle mileage if they are traveling to represent the city.