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Bracket contest winner announced


Lori Meyer, resident of rural Platte County, is the winner of The Landmark's annual NCAA Basketball bracket contest.

She wins $100 and two years worth of subscriptions to The Landmark.

Lori said her decision to enter the contest was "spur of the moment.”

"My husband usually enters every year. He told me about it and I made some picks," she said.

Lori submitted one of more than 100 entries into The Landmark's event. Any entrant scoring more points than Landmark publisher Ivan Foley wins two years worth of subscriptions to The Landmark.

Boosted by correctly picking Florida to win the tourney, Foley overcame a slow start to finish in 10th place with 190 points. The nine people ahead of him were:

Lori Meyer, 214 points; Irvin Reineke 207; Dr. David Lowry 204; Susan Shaw 203; CK Rairden 202; John Steffel 198; Sue Shultz 194; and Johnny Shultz and Mary Conrad at 192 apiece.

If your name is in the above list, call The Landmark office at 816-858-2313 to let the newspaper staff know where you'd like your two years of free Landmark subscriptions sent. Keep both years for yourself or give one year to a friend or family member.

If you're one of the more than 90 entrants who didn't win a prize, thanks for playing. The annual contest will make its return next March.