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List of candidates, issues ready for April election

The list of candidates and ballot issues to appear on election ballot this spring is ready.

On Tuesday, April 3, voters will decide races for various city boards as well as boards of education throughout Platte County.

On the ballot will be:

Camden Point:
Ward 1- Philip P.J. Jennings
Ward 2- Mark Wagoner
Question – Tax Levy for Parks

Alderman, At Large: (elect two) Luke Thies and Larry Wilmes
Alderman, At Large: 1 yr. Unexpired term; no candidates filed
Question 1- 1 cent sales tax
Question 2- half cent sales tax for parks

West Ward: James Snook, Jr. and Charlene Cook
East Ward: Gary Riddle and Ron Hay

Trustee: (elect 2) Arlene Madsen and Teresa Kincaid Bing

Trustee: (elect 2) Dave (Doc) Kitchell, Kristin Hrenchir, Bernie Vulgamott, and Gene Senger

Houston Lake:
Mayor: Michael Hallauer
Ward 1: Todd Conner and Sharron E. DeLaFuente
Ward 2: Phillip G. Otte and David W. DePew
Question: Tax Levy for fire suppression, passage rate is two-thirds majority

Trustee: (elect 3) Lloyd D. Crawford, Floyd Harris, Mark Anderson, and Tom Coffey
No candidates filed for 1 year unexpired term

Lake Waukomis:
Municipal Judge: Steven L. Sanders
Ward 1: Paul A. Fryrear
Ward 2: Robert D. Howard and Danny Spini

Mayor: Harlan Shaver Jr.
Ward 1: Michael Parker
Ward 1 unexpired term: No candidates filed.
Ward 2: Kathy Shaver
Ward 3: Joe T. Harris

Ward 1: Tom Hutsler and Deborah Butcher
Ward 1 one year unexpired term: Jim Brooks
Ward 2: Dave Rittman
Ward 3: Marvin J. Ferguson
Ward 4: Gerry Richardson

Platte City:
Ward 1: Lee Roy Van Lew, Thomas Marquis, Ronald Stone
Ward 2: George McClintock, Andy Stanton, Tony Paolillo
Ward 3: Jim Palmer and Todd Sloan

Platte Woods:
Ward 1: David Sprung
Ward 2: Matthew D. Thomson

Ward 1: Linda A. Jones and Mike Fuller
Ward 2: Mark Salyer
Ward 3: Pamela J. Darata

Ward 3: Dan Baker and Todd Justice

Ward 1: Rita Rhoads
Ward 2: Dolores McDonnell and Julie Thomas
Ward 2: No candidates filed for 1 year unexpired term
Questions: sales tax for transportation; and question on annexation

Weatherby Lake:
West Ward: Carol Rittenhouse and Mary P. Hoy
East Ward: Jim Ballinger and Pat White
East Ward: 1 year unexpired term Tanya K. Finn
Question: tax levy, two-thirds majority passage rate

Mayor: John L. Pasley and Cindy K. Seward
Ward 1: Cliff Harvey and Greg Hoffman
Ward 2: Bob Moore

Platte County R-3 School Board:
Director: (elect 2) Mary Temperelli, Bob Shaw and David Edwards
Question: GO Bonds $13,000,000 passage rate: 4/7

North Platte R-1 School Board:
Director: (elect 2) Patty L. Bennett, Kevin D. Cook, LeAnn Jones and Bill Matney

Smithville R-2:
Question: GO Bonds $9,840, 000 passage rate: 4/7

East Buchanan C-1 Board:
Director: (elect 2) Nancy J. Roth, Cindy Crouse, Ray Schwarz
Question: GO Bonds $7,100,000 passage rate: 4/7

NKC School:
Director: (elect 2) Terry Ward, Kathleen Harris, Bob Boydston, Greg Grinzinger, and Deborah Mills
Questions: tax levy, simple majority vote
Questions: GO Bonds $21,000,000 passage rate: 4/7

Parkville Road Dist. Comm:
Terry Brown and James Scott

Platte City Road Dist. Comm:
Duane Soper, D.L. Valentine, and Mike Moratz

Southern Platte County Ambulance District:
Sub District No. 4: Kurt Breininger and Kenneth Scott Ritchey

Platte County Health Board:
Trustee: (elect 3) Janice Chenoweth, Roy Kent Jackson, William M. Gilbirds, Shirley G. Napoli, and Kathy Wright