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Negotiations to begin
for stormwater study

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

After receiving proposals from seven contractors regarding the Brush Creek Stormwater Study and interviews with prospective contractors, it was recommended to the Platte County Commission that negotiations be initiated with Burns and McDonnell of Kansas City.

Commissioners also heard from the sheriff's department regarding a NCAP (Narcotics Control Assistance Program) Grant. The sheriff's department reported that the $93,758 grant was finally received upon waiting for a dispute between Public Safety and the Bureau of Justice Assistance to be resolved. The grant total is $125,010, with Platte County's portion being $31,252. The grant has been renewed for 12 months.

Aaron Schmidt, director of Planning and Zoning, presented several rezoning requests to the commissioners for approval.

Robert and Ann Reed requested rezoning 47 acres from AG (agriculture) to RE (rural estates) to perform a three lot minor subdivision. The subdivision is located on the east side of B Highway, approximately 1/8 of a mile north of KK Highway.

Dale Poos rezoned 22 acres of a 75 acre tract from CH (highway commercial) to RE (rural estates) in order to perform a one lot minor subdivision. The subdivision is located on the north side of Highway 92, approximately 1/2 mile west of Ode Road. Both rezoning requests were approved.
Schmidt also asked the commissioners for a change in zoning orders. Currently, individuals can receive six one month temporary certificates of occupancy permits. The change would allow for one six month temporary certificate of occupancy permits. The commission approved the change in zoning orders.

Proposed bids were also presented to the commission regarding improvements to streets. A $63,141 bond was approved to ensure street improvements in the Thousand Oaks 8th Plat. A $157,104 bond was approved for street improvements to Thousand Oaks 6th Plat. A $366,175 bond was approved to ensure street improvements to The Masters subdivision.

Public works announced the bid award for the pneumatic compactor to Victor L. Phillips for $33,803 and the bid award for the vibratory soil compactor to Victor L. Phillips for $25,390.