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Woman accuses Jason Grill of sex crime; won't pursue case

Jason Grill
by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A 22-year-old Kansas City woman who initially told police she was sexually assaulted on election night by a man she identified as newly-elected state representative Jason Grill later declined to pursue prosecution in the matter, citing her recall of some details of the incident as "hazy.”

After the alleged victim told them she would not pursue prosecution, Kansas City police classified the case as "cleared" and no charges are pending against Grill. Records indicate police to that point were handling the case as an alleged rape.

The police report, a public record obtained by The Landmark, says the woman was unable to describe certain specific details regarding the alleged rape "but could recall exactly how many times she told Grill to stop.”

The woman told police the alleged incident occurred inside her vehicle in the parking lot of her employer at Zona Rosa around 2 a.m. on Nov. 8, just hours after Grill, age 27, had been elected as the 32nd District state representative serving southern Platte County.

Grill, who is a lawyer, hired attorney J.R. Hobbs of Kansas City to represent him against the allegation. Grill was never questioned by police.

"Mr. Grill has been made aware of this inquiry. He denies adamantly the accusation. We have responded on his behalf. It's our understanding this inquiry has been closed," Hobbs told The Landmark in a recent telephone interview, declining further comment on the record.

Asked about the topic on several occasions by The Landmark, Grill has declined comment.

The Landmark spoke briefly in person with the alleged victim at her place of employment. She declined to comment.

According to the police report, the woman told police she and a girlfriend started their evening at Tomfooleries, a restaurant/bar in the Zona Rosa urban center at Interstate 29 and Barry Road. They then spent time at nearby O'Dowd's pub, where according to the police report, a post-election party was occurring for Grill.

According to the police report, shortly before 2 a.m. the alleged victim used the restroom and when she returned her girlfriend was gone, having left with a friend/acquaintance of Grill. The alleged victim couldn't find her car keys, and a man she identifies as Grill told her he would help her find the keys.

The woman told police she had earlier engaged in conversation with Grill. She told police she and Grill then walked to her vehicle in the parking lot of the nearby Zona Rosa business where she works.

According to the police report, she claimed that after 20-30 minutes of conversation in the vehicle, forced sexual contact occurred. She said she had told Grill four times to "Get the (expletive) off me.”

Then, according to the woman's report to police, a black Suburban pulled up and a man, presumably a friend of Grill, pulled Grill off the woman and took him from the scene. The alleged victim said she then called her father, telling her father "I'm going to have bruises."

She reported to North Kansas City Hospital about seven hours later to seek medical attention and then reported to the Kansas City North patrol station to notify police.

The woman declined much of the physical examination at the hospital. Her emotional status is described in police documents as "upset, very tearful, would maintain good eye contact stating 'I just want to make sure I'm OK right now.'”

At one point the alleged victim admitted to police she had initially lied to them about how many alcoholic drinks she had consumed on the night in question. She first told police she had consumed two drinks. They later pulled her tab from Tomfooleries and the ticket showed she had paid for 11 Vodka drinks.

Grill, a Democrat from Parkville, defeated Republican John DeStefano in the Nov. 7 election, 60% to 40%. He will replace Susan Phillips, Republican, as the southern Platte County's state representative from District 32. Phillips was prevented from seeking reelection due to term limits.